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Winter Centerpiece Floral Arranging with Stapleton

We had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes look of Stapleton’s warehouse in the South End. We spent the afternoon exploring their space and learning the best ways to create centerpieces for the holidays. We met with Yanni, Stapleton’s owner, Julie, Stapleton’s lead sales manager, and some of their team, as they created these gorgeous centerpieces to give you inspiration for your own holiday centerpieces. 

Stapleton’s floral was founded 28 years ago, when Yanni and his wife Bety purchased a small flower shop in downtown Boston. They have grown it to be the company it is today, with two retail spaces and a 10,000 sq foot studio, where they do all of their designing and execution. 

We asked Yanni and Julie for their expert opinions for floral arranging at home and how to properly care for your flower arrangements. Check out below for their expert advice and the contents of these beautiful centerpieces! 

What is the proper way of flower arranging? Do you have structuring tips?
Make sure you are always designing in your hands first. The best way to start is by picking your color palette and the florals you would like to use and then go from there. Make sure to start with the larger flowers, such as roses and hydrangeas, first and then build out from there. Shown in the photo above they have used cranberries and angel vine to make sure the flowers stay in place. 

Are there three key ways of creating a design and the base flowers you typically use?
Make sure to incorporate seasonal textures and to know how much you are willing to spend on the arrangements. The most popular centerpieces incorporate hydrangeas, roses, greens and textures such berries and filler flowers. 

What is the best way to keep flowers lasting longer?
Make sure to keep your arrangements cool whenever possible and make sure you are cutting the stems everyday if you can. 

What are some ways to incorporate flowers into your holiday table without being too pricey?
Using holiday greens, pine-cones and berries is a great way to keep the cost down. You can also use items such as, tulips, roses, hydrangeas and cranberries. 

Should you be using flower food in your arrangements?
Yes, always use flower food when possible and make sure to be keeping your arrangements cold. Also, you always want to make sure you are cutting your stems at an angle to make sure they are able to get enough water.

Components of these centerpieces:
Angel Vine
Ilex Berry
Seeded Eucalyptus
Red Roses
Green Hydrangeas
White Lisianthus
Calla Lillie’s 
Dusty Miller
Holiday Greens