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Wedding Cake Trends

If you are seeking some inspiration for your dream wedding cake, look no further. With all of the different styles, colors, and flavors it can be hard to make any decisions on your wedding cake. Feast your eyes on 2017’s top wedding cake trends!

Marble Wedding Cakes

One of the hottest wedding cake trends this year is the marble cake. Marble has officially transcended from our home designs and into our baking. Marble cakes give an elegant twist to the modern style of today’s brides.

Marble Wedding Cake / Photography by Rustic White Photography

Naked Wedding Cakes

These au-naturel wedding cakes are sure to grab the attention of your guests. Whether adding vibrant colors or layers of fruit to your cake, consider showcasing those yummy insides! Exposing what lies beneath all the frosting can reveal what that cake is really made of.

Naked Wedding Cake / Photography by Emma Roberts

Classic Wedding Cakes

The classic cake will never go out of style. Classic cakes can be done in a variation of different ways but will always remain elegant and sophisticated. You can keep it as simple as you would like, or add your own personal touches to it.  

Classic Wedding Cake / Photography by Pizzuti Photography

Illustrated Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes can be expensive, so why not show off that masterpiece! Going with this trend means your cake can look however you wish. Whether it’s a fun design or a play off your cake topper, like these darling little birds, it will engage your guests’ sense of sight in addition to their sense of taste.

Illustrated Cake / Photography by Nicole Chan Photography