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Planning your Corporate Holiday Party?

Halloween has come and gone and thus let the holiday festivities begin! Hosting a company holiday party is a great way to say thank you to your employees and gives everyone a chance to relax and celebrate the awaiting holidays. Capers has done many corporate holiday events over the years and we love seeing the variety in the events. Focusing on three main factors for your corporate holiday party will ensure it is a hit among your employees. 

Location: Getting your holiday party out of the office and into a separate venue can really help with the ambiance of your event. We don’t want your employees to think they are at work. Mixing up the location of where you typically see your employees everyday will let them relax and unwind at your company holiday get together.

Entertainment: Whether it is a great DJ, band, or even a cookie swap, make sure there is something for your guests to mingle over. We want them to talk about more than just work, so get them socializing and having fun!

Food: The food at company holiday parties can be a huge hit or miss. Capers can customize a menu for your event that will match the theme and feel of the event. If your guests are going to remember anything, they’re going to remember the food. Playing off of the holiday season with a fun hors d’oeuvres or signature holiday cocktail will get your employees excited about being there.