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Office Pets of Capers!

          Each year, National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11th to shine a spotlight on all of our animal friends and everything they do for us. In honor of National Pet Day this year, we would like to introduce the beloved Office Pets of Capers! Check out all of our staff’s furry friends below and read about some of the things they love to do.

Autumn just loves hanging by the pool on hot summer days!

Buck, Meg, and Milo always look forward to adventuring with Emma!

Oscar, Gracie, and Ernie love lounging around with Chuck at home!

Finnegan or “Finn” is always ready for his close up, loves hanging at the beach, and even visits the office every now and then.

Attie loves going for walks, cuddling and taking naps in the car after long days spent at the office.

Brady enjoys Sunday brunch, going on car rides, and taking long walks with Kristin!