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New Year’s Eve Wedding

Winter weddings have been on trend lately. Whether its because of the lesser cost, the availability, or if you just love the winter wonderland idea, winter weddings can be a huge hit. We have seen Christmas themed weddings, valentine’s day weddings, and one of our favorites, New Year’s Eve Weddings!

There is usually a stigma around getting married on a holiday. Couples fear that they are taking a holiday away from their loved ones. However, who wouldn’t want to go to a huge party on NYE?! Which is exactly what your wedding will be. Throwing your wedding on New Years Eve will only double the celebrations and double the love.

I have always wanted to go to a fabulous New Years Eve wedding. What is better than ringing in the New Year with your friends and family? It also gives you the perfect excuse to have confetti at your wedding without feeling “extra”. Ringing in the New Year will heighten the excitement of your wedding and bring the festivities to an all time high. So, pop the champagne and dance the night away this New Year’s Eve!