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Make Life Entertaining with Kate Bowler

Kate Bowler, founder and editor of local blog Domestikated Life, wears many hats. Along with being an admired blogger she is a: new mom, loving wife, at home chef, adventurer, DIY expert, hospitable hostess, and most recently an author! Kate loves sharing her adventures through her blog, all while keeping one goal in mind, which is to: “Make Life Entertaining.” We thought it would be fun to catch up with Kate about her work, new cookbook: New England Invite: Fresh Feasts to Savor the Seasons, and also try out a recipe from her blog. Check out some of her thoughts below!

Kerri: “Where did your love of entertaining guests at home/hosting spur from, and what inspired you to start your blog?”

Kate: “I grew up in a party house! My parents had an open door policy at our home, which meant that every weekend there were friends and family hanging out in our backyard or sharing a meal around our dining room table. I get my love of entertaining from them, they taught me so much about how hosting is really just about making people feel welcomed and loved. Good food helps, of course! I started my blog when I was just out of college and had my very first job. I always kept myself so busy in college with tons of extracurricular activities, and after graduation and starting a 9-5 job I suddenly realized I had all of this time and creative energy that needed an outlet. That’s when I started my blog – I’ve been doing it for almost 9 years now, and turned into my full time job a little over a year ago.”

Kerri: “Do you have a favorite type of event that you especially love to host and what sort of steps do you take to start the planning process?”

Kate: “Given the stage that I’m at in my life, I host a lot of bridal showers and baby showers! I love to host showers because they’re such a celebratory event. I usually start when planning these events by really thinking about the guest of honor and trying to build a theme that feels true to who they are. Then once I have that theme I start to build all of my food and décor ideas around that concept.”

Kerri: “How has becoming a new mom impacted your work or changed your perspective about it? Do you have any advice for balancing work and family?”

Kate: “Being a new mom has definitely shifted my perspective and approach in how we entertain. I like to keep things much more casual now – make your own pizza parties, or DIY taco bars are great family-friendly entertaining ideas. We also host a lot more brunches now! Kids are always better in the morning, and I joke that all of our friends with kids are awake at 6am, so by 11am the parents are all ready for drink – mimosas for everyone!”

Kerri: “If you could choose one specific go-to tip or guideline for entertaining/hosting to teach others what would it be?”

Kate: “My biggest piece of advice for hosting guests is to relax. Guests feed off of a hostess’ energy, and if you’re relaxed and having fun, they’ll read your mood and feel the same way. It can be easier said than done sometimes, but what I like to do to reduce party-stress is to prep as much as possible in advance of having guests over – and that sometimes means planning a menu accordingly! I also always text one or two of my girlfriends before a big party and ask them to come 30 minutes early, best friends can help set out the ice bucket and help  you with any last minute scrambles while you still have curlers in your hair!” 

Kerri: “What advice would you give to those who may hesitate to entertain or try a new DIY or recipe?”

Kate: “I always like to say – what’s the worst than can happen? You can always order a pizza. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way – in fact, I burned our dinner last night – and the best thing you can do is learn from them, and keep trying. That’s exactly how I learned to cook!”

Kerri: “What do you hope readers will take away from your new cookbook: New England Invite: Fresh Feasts to Savor the Seasons?”

Kate: “This book was really inspired by how I cook at home, and what I’ve learned from my own family’s entertaining traditions. My biggest goal was to take away some of the pressure that comes from the idea of entertaining and making the whole process simpler and more enjoyable. My hope is that people read it and get excited about cooking and feel a bit less intimated to host their own events.”                                                                                                                                                                                                

We here at Capers Catering thought it would be fun to try out one the recipes from Kate’s blog, so our executive chef Kevin Marsland recreated her Peach & Prosciutto Toasts. Kate’s recipe was easy to follow and quick to assemble, perfect for those looking to dazzle their guests without the hassle. You can find this and other recipes under the “Recipes” section of her blog, Domestikated Life. These tiny toasts are great for a spring afternoon get together with family or hosting an intimate dinner party with friends!

Kate Bowler’s new cookbook: New England Invite: Fresh Feasts to Savor the Seasons will be available on shelves in October 2018 or preorder your copy now on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound! 

Preorder your copy now on Amazon!: 

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