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Le Petit Pouf: Inspired by a Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life)

Capers Catering recently had the pleasure of working with Corinne Hursh and her lovely, French-inspired cotton candy cart, Le Petit Pouf. Corinne, an event planner by trade, and her wonderful team at Le Petit Pouf strive to deliver high quality service, while providing a fun, interactive experience for their clients. We recently had the chance to learn more about Le Petit Pouf and its unique cotton candy creations:

Kerri: “How did you get your start in event planning and what do you love about the hospitality industry as a whole?”

Corinne: “I had the opportunity to plan events large and small while in grad school and for employers afterward.  I had a career in quality assurance and volunteered my time to plan and execute galas, corporate team building retreats, and small and large-scale private events.  Having a formal foundation in strategic planning, logistics, and quality metrics married the two passions to create my event planning company.

I truly love every aspect of service and hospitality.  I am quite particular with customer service and details, and I find that clients of the same nature gravitate to me as a planner and as owner of Le Petit PoufSpreading joy and creating exceptional experiences for people is the most rewarding thing for me, and I am honored to be able to play a small part of guests’ memory.  Events are meant to celebrate, spark joy, and excite.  I have always been drawn to them and feel quite fortunate to be able to share in creating special moments with my clients and other exceptional vendors.”

Kerri: “When did you first travel to France, and what about the country sparked your long term love for it?”

Corinne: “I first traveled to France on a European whirlwind adventure with a friend after graduating college.  One of my fondest memories is sitting on the long stretch of lawn beneath the Eiffel Tower eating a baguette and drinking Champagne. I’ve since been back often and traveled all over the country.  My husband’s family is French so I am fortunate enough to fully live in the beauty of the country and the culture.”

Kerri: “As simple as it sounds, why cotton candy? What about the sweet treat drew you to create Le Petit Pouf?”

Corinne: “Cotton candy provides a sense of child-like wonder that sparks instant joy.  Seeing the delight on a guests’ face upon receiving a huge pouf is one of the best feelings in the world.  I wanted to reinvent cotton candy and create something that reminds people of the treat they grew up with, but elevates it to a new level. Our poufs are made with organic, simple ingredients and the colors are fruit and veggie based.  Part of what drew me to cotton candy are the endless possibilities and opportunities to be creative.  From creating unique flavors such as Lavender, Mango Chili, Champagne, and Strawberry Basil to brainstorming fun ways to heighten the client experience, I absolutely adore everything about cotton candy.”

Kerri: “Your cotton candy flavors are “dreamed up and created by hand”. Can you dive a little more into the creative and production processes? Do you personally have a favorite flavor that your team creates or has created?”

Corinne: “Of course!  We only use simple, pure and organic ingredients.  It was very important to me to make our cotton candy as natural as possible and I wanted clients to indulge while knowing that our poufs are free of harmful chemicals. 

I create (and taste) all of the flavors myself, so I am very fond of each of them. The soft vanilla is one of my classic favorites, as it pairs beautifully with any topping.  A new favorite of mine is definitely Mango Chili (mango pouf topped with a chili/lime powder).  It is sweet and spicy perfection!  I’m also currently working on some fun fall flavors to help us transition into cooler weather.  Keep an eye out for Apple Cider, Pumpkin, Ginger, and Caramel Apple!”

Kerri: “How do guests react when they see the Le Petit Pouf cotton candy cart onsite at an event?”

Corinne: “I see a lot of giddy faces standing in line, scheming up what kind of pouf and toppings they are going to create.  It’s such a fun experience to be part of this. It brings us back to our childhoods, but with an elevated twist.  Being behind the machine is truly one of my favorite places.  I always get a jolt of energy from the positive vibes that people bring with them and it is truly a pleasure to serve this delicious treat!”

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