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Labor of Love

Labor Day is right around the corner, that also means Fall is quickly creeping up on us. Come a few days after Labor Day and its out with the sun and the sand, and in with everything plaid and pumpkin spiced.

Labor Day Wedding Table Design

Sophisticated Labor Day Floral Centerpiece

Do you host your wedding on a three day weekend or not?  Some feel they are stealing away their guest’s rare long weekends, and others see it as a great opportunity to extend their wedding festivities. This debate led us to some great pros and cons for long wedding weekends.

If you have you wedding on a long weekend, you may have a larger number of regrets than you would on a typical weekend, but that can be okay! Those who are going to RSVP with regrets to your wedding are the people that you might not mind being absent.  It can also help to narrow down your guest list (which will save you money in the end) to the people you truly want to be there. Those who genuinely love you will make your wedding a priority in their calendars, regardless of the date.

Groom’s Boutonniere

On to Cocktails!

Traveling during long weekends can be expensive for everyone, but especially for your guests. You can’t control flight and hotel prices but you can control how early your guests know about your wedding. In this case, save the dates are a must! Giving them extended notice to book their travel needs can save them stress, time, and money. Setting up a room block at hotels of your choice can be a big help to your guests too. There is typically a discount involved and your guests don’t have to do the work of researching hotels in the area.

Trolley Rides for the Bridal Party

Specialty Drinks

Long weekends add an entire day to your wedding celebrations. This can be great for your guests because it gives them more time than usual. It gives them more time for traveling, more time to relax, and more time to celebrate your big day. It also gives your guests a built-in day out of the office, after all, Labor Day is about celebrating the American Worker!

Woodland Reception with a Classic Twist

Birch Bar

 If you’re still feeling guilty about taking up three days for your wedding, consider what you can do as a host for your guests. Hosting a welcome reception is a nice way to show your guests how much you appreciate them being there. Leaving welcome baskets in their guest rooms is also a sweet touch. Fill the basket with local treats, things to do, and maps of the area so that guests can enjoy time at your destination on their own. And, an after-wedding brunch can end the weekend graciously.