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Integrating Technology into Wedding Planning

Integrating technology into wedding planning, the ceremony and reception elevates the event’s excitement and allows guests to take an active role.

Today’s tech-savvy couples embrace the wired world and extend their social worlds into the online realm. Naturally, many engaged duos gravitate towards celebrating their big day on the world’s open online stage.

Creating a unique wedding web site and a hashtag to commemorate the big event helps guests easily find updates, posts and pictures from the planning up to the ceremony. Pictures snapped by guests and saved with the hashtag immediately mark the photo as significant to the couple.  Hosting a wedding web site creates a wedding haven to post registry info, hotel reservation details and serves as an easy spot to provide a quick RSVP.

Social media plays a perfect part in planning a wedding. Post pins on Pinterest marking interesting looks for bridesmaid’s dresses, ring designs to offer him a hint at the perfect engagement ring (if he hasn’t yet popped the big question) and ideas for fun and offbeat wedding themes and décor. Facebook offers instant access to hundreds of friends, which allows for maximum outreach to chronicle the matrimonial mayhem.

There are details to keep in mind, however, when taking the wedding details social. Revealing too much information spoils the spontaneity of surprise. Updating and posting too many wedding items also can frustrate followers.

Use social media sites and technology to increase awareness of the event’s big details and to give guests a few serious surprises. Pop a camera into the bouquet for an amazing perspective to capture the ceremonially significant walk down the aisle or livestream the wedding and invite all friends to the main event.

Technology and social media amplifies the wedding excitement. Use technology to create unique experiences for guests, to tease possible wedding surprises or to encourage feedback on tiny details. Invite guests to pop out their camera phones and snap a few pictures…just be sure to encourage them to hashtag their masterpieces for unforgettable #WeddingGoals.


Guest Post Written by Naomi Shaw:


Naomi Shaw is a full-time freelance writer who balances motherhood and entrepreneurship. Living in Southern California with her husband and three children, Naomi writes on all topics with a family and health. She transitioned from a stay-at-home mom to freelance journalist to share her lifestyle passion with the world.

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