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Impressive Holiday Parties

The holidays are my favorite time of year- eggnog, peppermint and ginger take over the shelves and holiday cheer fills the air! This unique time lends itself perfectly to your imagination. Get creative with your menu items and décor and remember to have fun with it, especially if you’re throwing a corporate get together! Here are some of my favorite, awe inspiring corporate holiday parties from years past to jump-start your think tank!

Who doesn’t love donuts? This is a fun addition to any party!

This is probably one of my favorite desserts we do here at Capers, cookie dough with graham crackers and pretzels. Yum!

1. This company threw a winter wonderland party and rented out an old brick building, filled the space with couches, trees, twinkle lights and candles. The scent of pine filled the air as guests entered the space and Capers was there anxiously waiting to pass Hors D’ Oeuvres and specialty drinks. Nothing like enjoying a tomato soup shooter or a specialty cocktail that puts a spin on the traditional warm apple cider after braving the Boston cold!

Winter Wonderland

Get creative! These little owls were placed all around the venue and added to the winter wonderland theme.

2. Another option is to throw a cocktail style reception. This company utilized their office space and incorporated different color linen, which not only adds a fun pop of color but is also an easy and cost effective way to spice up the space. Rather than seeing their desks and a place where they work, they can appreciate the space for what it is.

How fun are these linens?

Baked Ham in a Sweet Potato Biscuit with Apple Butter


3. This company threw a holiday party at the Lyman Estate where guests were encouraged to dance, mingle and fill up on food. Delicious potatoes, savory green beans and sweet potato raviolis flew out of the kitchen as guests enjoyed the buffet dinner. What I loved about this event was there was no lack sweets- from crystallized sugar in the shape of snowflakes to chocolate covered strawberries to Lindt chocolates, every sweet tooth was satisfied!


How gorgeous are these?! Having cranberries in the water adds an extra holiday flare to any centerpiece!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, cookies and pretzels- everything’s better with a chocolate coating!

How stunning is this crystallized sugar snowflake!?