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Farm to Fork

It seems that Americans are more interested in food than ever before, and we think that’s pretty awesome! The Food Network, foodie Instagram accounts, and sites like Eater and Thrillist have Americans researching restaurants, watching cooking demonstrations, and exploring their food’s roots ’round the clock.

Photo by Brian Samuels
Photo by Brian Samuels

We love when clients ask us questions about where our ingredients are sourced. We are proud to be a member of Baldor Food’s Pledge Local, which means that we cook with ingredients from farms throughout the area, supporting local businesses, helping the environment, and cooking with only the freshest, tastiest ingredients.

Corn Tortelloni
Photo by Brian Samuels

For example, this week, we know that our ever-popular Corn Tortelloni will be topped with pea tendrils from Eva’s Garden.

Our house-made sangria for an event on Saturday will be filled with seasonal fresh fruit from Ward’s Berry Farm.

Tonight, we’ll be serving up hors d’oeuvres in the VIP tent at Best of Boston. One of them will be beef tataki, topped with crispy kale that came from Harvest Farm.

At Capers, we take every effort to reduce our carbon footprint, serve local ingredients, and source our food sustainably. We think eating sustainably and helping the environment are just as important as serving delicious food!