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Design Center Fall Opening

Loft Space at Dry Dock

Last night we catered a hip and festive party, opening the fall season at the Design Center.  Winston's
created to looks and Frost Production the perfect lighting.

A selection of passed hors d'oeuvres greeted the guests.
Grilled Scallop Slider Bahn Mi Style
Above are our Grilled Scallop Slider Bahn Mi Style.

Bully Boy Distillers  provided the rum for the signature cocktail, an Isaac Newton.  This cocktail was made of
Bully Boy White Rum, Apple Cider, Lime Juice and a Simple Syrup.  We garnished with a fresh fall fig.
Isaac Newton Cocktail
The bar snacks served with the cocktail were delish!  Here are the Parmesan Pasta Crackers
and a Stilton Pecan Icebox Cracker.
Parmesan Pasta CrackerStilton Pecan Icebox Crackers

The selection of hors d'oeuvres was vast, but here are a few of my very favorites of the night.
Mini Chicken Potpie

These Mini Chicken Potpies were a big hit!  As were the Cucumber Cups
with Shaved Lamb, Tzatziki and Pomegranate Seeds.
Cucumber Cups Filled with Lamb, Tzatziki and Pomegranate Seeds
The Tuna Tartar Filled Wonton Cones are delectable!
Tuna Tartar Filled Wonton Cones
A perfect evening!
Dry Dock