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Corporate Party Ideas

Corporate events are in full bloom this season and making your corporate holiday party one to remember can be a daunting task! This year, let us take the edge off the planning process with dishes that entice the senses and create that “perfect” vibe where your co-workers will feel comfortable in. An environment where guests will feel relaxed enough to co-mingle with individuals in other departments.

Festive Greenery is always in!

Greet guests and get them in the spirit with the smell of pine.

Have you ever thought of incorporating a candy bar? Big apothecary jars filled with the most decadent treats. From jelly beans and fruit flavored candies to whoppers and other chocolate inspired sweets! You can mix up colors and theme out the station to either Christmas or even desired colors (like in your company’s logo). If you’re at an impasse on what to provide, try sending out an email prior to your holiday party with a survey on favorite candies (that way you know your guests will be sure to enjoy!)

Add some fun with customized napkins

Along with candy bars, having an interactive cookie buffet is always fun! With hundreds of cookies piled up on one side, chef spreading frosting and fun decorations lined up; guests will be able to make their own cookies and interact with others who are also enjoying the station. Not in the mood to make your own cookie? Have a nearby station with pre-decorated cookies!

Delicious sugar cookies, with your choice of sprinkles or colored frosting!

Gingerbread cookies are my favorite, whats your favorite type of holiday cookie?

Get creative with your cookie shapes! Ever thought of doing your company’s logo?

How pretty are these snowflakes?! Try incorporating your company’s colors into the frosting.

To me, nothing says the holidays like candy canes, hot cocoa and brightly colored treats! Incorporate a cocoa bar with warm hot chocolate and choice of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua or Peppermint Schnapps; to be topped with white or dark chocolate shavings, whipped cream, candy canes, homemade marshmallows and sprinkles. Who doesn’t love a do it yourself station?!

How cute are these demitasse cups filled with hot cocoa and topped with a mini candy cane!