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Catering is a Crucial Choice for Your Wedding

When you look back on your wedding day, what will you remember?  Surely the joy of the day, your family and friends, the surroundings and venue, your planner’s help, the quality of your photographs, the entertainment and always the caterer.

All these vendors in tandem help set the mood and vibe for the day.  Each must understand your unique visions and work with you to execute your dream day.

You will be working closely together with your caterer to customize a menu that reflects your unique personality.  Look for a caterer that culls out what is special about you both, whether it is a signature drink that you had on your first date, a festive donut wall that includes only your favorite flavors, or your grandmother’s recipe for chicken & waffles.

Your caterer should be responsive to you and your thoughts on a daily basis.  Be sure that you trust them, and that they have included all the estimated costs in the initial menu proposal.  

At the end of the day, your guests will love the time that you spent on the details with your caterer.  In fact, wedding registry site Zola surveyed 750+ newly-weds and found catering was voted #7 in top 10 elements that made their day truly unforgettable! So take it from us, the right caterer will provide the ooohs and aahs for your big day, and have your friends calling the next day to say what an amazing time they had at your wedding!