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Candy Cane Cocktail

Candy Cane Cocktail

It is almost Christmas, and I can’t believe how quickly this year has breezed by.

Here is the perfect cocktail for celebrating the season!

Candy Cane Cocktails ~ serves 4

6 oz. premium vodka
3 oz. white creme de cacoa
3 oz. peppermint schnapps + 1/4 cup
1 Tbsp. grenadine
8 small candy cane

1) In a food processor, crush 4 small candy canes, place on a dinner plate.  On a separate plate add 1/4 cup peppermint schnapps.  Dip martini rims in schnapps and then into crushed candy canes.
2) In a pitcher, mix together vodka, white creme de cacoa, peppermint schnapps, and grenadine.
3) Fill a martini shaker with ice, add alcohol mix in batches, shake well, and pour into prepared glasses.  Serve immediately.