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Blushing Bridesmaids


Its Guest Blogger Kristin today!

For Trendy Tuesday, I thought I’d write about something I’ve seen at our weddings over the past month in particular.

Brides are letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses, which isn’t anything new but lately we’ve been seeing less direction on what
style and color they should be.

The new trend is to pick a color and let your bridesmaids do their thing.

The last couple of weddings we catered both had bridesmaids in a blush color tone, which ranged from a mauve to a champagne and everything in between.

The look is fresh and light, with a whimsical and romantic feel.

When I spoke to the brides they said that was the exact look they had wanted for their bridesmaids.

They didn’t want them to feel stuffy or stressed about having to fit into once style dress or color.

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