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Autumn Tailgate Picnic

Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons! This past weekend, I went apple picking with my family in Vermont and as we meandered through the colorful hills, I spotted a couple who had parked their car in a nearby field to enjoy each other’s company in a tailgate picnic. What a cute idea! I couldn’t stop imagining what an amazing way this would be to propose to the love of your life! With stunning reds and oranges making their way through the greenery, warm fleece blankets, hot chocolate, fall themed soups, freshly picked apples… the list could go on forever!

In this blog post, I hope to give you guys some essentials to remember when popping the question.

First off, let’s get organized! Things to think about:

What’s your woman’s favorite drink? Would she prefer a warm cup of chili or a cool glass of Champagne?

How about her favorite food? Would she prefer a cheese board and a glass of Cabernet or a greasy burger and a beer? Does she dive right in and hold her own with steak tips and all things marinated or is she more of a salad goer? Truly think about what she prefers to eat and make a picnic basket to include some of those items.

Some fall favorites include: freshly picked apples, fall themed soups and a charcuterie board. Paired with the wooden accents of the picnic basket and plates you have the perfect fall tailgate!

Try incorporating fall colors into your food. Above you can see burgundy, hunter green, red and browns showing through in this gorgeous display!

Don’t these just look delicious!?

Remember that this is your day too, so you won’t want to be fussing around cutting vegetables or trying to marinate steak tips for the grill…a little preparation here will go a long way. Think about pre-packing some of your baskets the night before with non-perishables like blankets, plates, flatware, cups and snacks (hide anything you don’t want her seeing…like the ring!).

When packing up, it’s essential to remember these items will be sitting for a bit. Think of hardy food items that will sustain the trip, like black olive tapenade dip, assorted soups in thermoses (like Butternut Squash, Carrot Ginger, Tomato Basil, Chicken Noodle), cold salads (like green bean and tomato salad, orzo pasta salad or tomato basil salad). It is important to try and steer clear of dressed salads and anything that could get soggy on the journey.

My favorite is the butternut squash soup and when paired with a warm baguette… what a treat!

I encourage you to think about making this moment special by incorporating aspects that are unique to your relationship; things that would add a special touch. Download some her favorite songs, surprise her with her favorite wine from that unforgettable trip you two took together to Southern France, bring a blanket so as the sun sets you can cuddle up and read a poem you wrote or bring your guitar so you can sing to her as night sets in. These small touches will be remembered forever and cherished so don’t overlook them.

No matter what you did (or didn’t do) when proposing, please remember it was perfect. She will care more about being cherished and loved in the moment than the orzo salad you dropped in the grass or the cheese you forgot, so be sure to fully express how you feel. Good luck and have fun with it!