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Setting Up a Home Bar for the Holidays

Setting up a beautiful and functional home bar is one of the key elements of holiday entertaining. Be sure to have the right supplies on hand to offer each of your guests their favorite cocktails. 

The first step to assembling your home bar is deciding where it would work best. Often times people will choose to display their bars on bar carts. We chose to feature our bar in an antique Asian chest. Not only do we love the look, we also like the fact that we can shut the cabinet doors at anytime.

The next step is finding the right glassware to match your style and home decor. Keep in mind what type of cocktails you will be offering, and the glassware’s sturdy and stylishness. Along with the glassware, make sure to have the appropriate tools to mix any drink. Finding the right glassware and tools is key to creating a chic, unique and functional bar.

The final step is choosing the beverages, mixers, and garnishes you would like to feature on the bar. Remember to purchase a wide variety of selections for all of your guests. These few steps will be essential to successful holiday entertaining. 

Find a helpful step by step checklist for picking essential bar needs here

Capers Catering- Home Bar Set Up

Capers Catering- Bar Cart Set Up

Capers Catering- Bar Cart Set Up

Capers Catering- Bar Cart Set Up

Capers Catering- Bar Set Up